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Static site generator combined with an easy-to-use content management system.

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What We Do Differently?


99.9% SLA with real compensation.

Infinite scalability

We're ready to go viral when you are.

Full site export

Export your full site anytime, zero risk of vendor-lock-in.



99.9% SLA with real compensation. If we don't meet our SLA, we won't charge you anything that month.


We're ready to go viral when you are. Never worry again if your site stays online when your hitting thousands of visitors a minute.

Full Site Export

Zero risk of vendor-lock-in. You can export your full site (by full we mean all content and the templates) as a static website. It's easy to take your site and host it somewhere else or show it off from a USB disk.


Extreme performance thanks to our global content delivery network and compression algorithms. We compress and optimize your images, stylesheets and javascript automatically. We cache your static content agressively and make sure only content that needs to be delivered gets delivered.

Powerful Template Engine

Easily build your site the way you want. You have full control using Twig templates.


Unbeatable price. Usually sites with this kind of performance cost at least 10 times more.


Flexible yet easy to use blogging platform using markdown and twig templates.


Never worry about upgrading your server or software, we're always up-to-date and one step ahead.

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