Privacy Policy

Last updated 20th of May 2022.

Privacy is on the top of our list and we want to set an example how online privacy should be handled.

In a Nutshell

Here's our privacy policy in a nutshell.

  • No tracking cookies.
  • No IP address saved or logged anywhere.
  • No JavaScript required.
  • No third party assets used, like scripts, styles or fonts.
  • One functional cookie needed when you want to post new content.
  • All servers and data is located inside the European Union and is never transferred outside the EU.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information, please, don't hesitate to ask. Here's our company contact information:

  • Innota (registered in Finland, VAT ID FI27771315)
  • Person responsible for data protection: Jaakko Naakka
  • Email:

Our email service provider is Tutanota. Tutanota makes it easy to keep our email conversations private and encrypted if you need to contact us.

Handling Personal Information

We do not collect any user data from regular visitors nor use any kind of tracking cookies. We do not save your IP address in our log files. Please, don't ask us to delete your personal data because we don't have any.

All our servers and data is located inside the European Union. No data is transferred outside the EU.

We do not load any third party JavaScript, or any assets like styles or fonts from third party sources.

We use some functional cookies to make our service secure and spam free. These cookies are handled completely on our service and they are not used for tracking. Here's a more detailed explanation of cookie use and personal information handling based on different use cases.

Viewing Public Pages and Blog Posts

  • No cookies
  • No JavaScript
  • No IP address or other personal information logged

When you view a public page, like the front page or a single blog post, we do not place any cookies on your device.

Zero cookies. No JavaScript. No IP address logged anywhere on our system.

No personal user data is collected.

Posting New Content Anonymously

  • One functional cookie to prevent spam
  • Optional JavaScript
  • No IP address or other personal information logged

The post new content page uses a session cookie. This cookie is purely functional, and it's used to improve user experience and prevent spam. Posting new content wihout allowing this cookie is not possible.

The post new content page also uses JavaScript. This is, however, completely optional. If you have disabled JavaScript, the page still works as intended and you can post new content on Aatos. With JavaScript enabled user experience is improved and you can benefit from using our Markdown content editor.

No personal user data is collected.

Registering a User Account and Posting as a Logged in User

  • One functional cookie to enable log in sessions
  • Optional JavaScript
  • Optional email address saved (to enable resetting forgotten passwords)
  • No IP address or other personal information logged

It is possible to sign up for a user account. This allows you to claim your own space in Aatos and post all of your content in your own blog. Obviously, for this to work we need to ask for some personal details. These are:

  • Your username (this can be a pseudonym or a pen name)
  • Password (this is needed so we know it's you whose trying to publish content in your blog)

To improve user experience and make it possible to reset forgotten passwords, it is possible to add your email address in your personal settings. This is, however, completely optional. Your email address is only used to reset your forgotten password and used for important security notifications.

Logging in requires the use of a functional session cookie. Without this cookie it is not possible to log in to Aatos. This cookie is not used for tracking in any way.

No personal user data is collected, unless you want to be able to reset forgotten passwords using and email address.